Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

These devices amplify sound for people with impaired hearing or auditory-processing disabilities.

See staff at the Deaf Services Center on the first floor to use any of these items in the Main Library:

  • Single-channel transmitters

  • Lavaliere-type microphones

  • Conference microphones

  • Receivers

  • "Stetoclip"-type headphones

  • Necklace loops

  • PockeTalker II personal listening systems

People attending meetings or programs in the Koret Auditorium or Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room on the Lower Level can arrange for use of assistive listening devices by contacting Deaf Services Center at least one week in advance at 557-4434 Voice, 557-4433 TTY, or 557-4531 fax. A California public library card is required for use of these assistive listening devices.