Mathematics and Science Collections

This collection is for a general audience interested in the sciences or conducting research for personal knowledge, as well as students of science, high school through college undergraduate level, maintaining current and historical information in all areas of the sciences.

Includes general works on natural sciences, philosophy of science, general fact books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, nature writings, regional history, and biographies.

Includes basic arithmetic through advance concepts such as trigonometry, calculus, geometry; also includes history of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics.

Includes general works on astronomy, gravity, astronomical theory, telescopes and astronomical observation, theories on the formation of the cosmos, planets, asteroids, celestial objects and phenomena, eclipse, comets, earth, ephemerides (nautical almanacs); and information about time, timekeeping, and calendars.

Includes general works on physics, lectures, dictionaries, encyclopedias, theories on physics; works on thermodynamics, theories on sound, quantum mechanics, electricity and electronics, magnetism, lasers, optics.

Includes general works on chemistry – analytical and organic chemistry; crystallography, mineralogy, polymer science and technology, dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, histories and theories.

Includes works volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and deserts, landforms, caves, marine science and geology, weather, rocks, forests, gemology, geology of planets, geology in various parts of the world,  dictionaries and encyclopedias, climate and weather; and atlases.

Includes works on dinosaurs, mammals, fossils, prehistoric life in America and other regions of the world, evolution vs. creationism.

Includes works on biology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, ecology, plant systems and parts, microbiology, natural history and naturalists, microorganisms, wildlife in America and other countries, taxidermy; encyclopedias.

Includes works on plants (botany), topics in natural history, conifers.

Includes works about bacteria, zoos and zoological illustrations, animals – identification, physiology, behavior; animals in various regions of the world; fish – aquarium fish (freshwater, tropical), identification, fish of United States and various regions of the world; aquariums and care of; aquatic life, sharks, shells, corals, lobsters, works about entomologists, insects, amphibian and reptile guides, lizards, snakes, birds, mammals; dictionaries and encyclopedias.