Exhibitions Policy

Exhibitions Policy adopted by the San Francisco Library Commission March 5, 1996.

The San Francisco Public Library prepares and sponsors exhibitions to feature its service goals, collections, activities and programs. Exhibitions have two basic, interrelated goals: to provide increased access to the collections through the display of Library holdings, and to provide an avenue for public education through the presentation of thematic exhibitions. The Library's strength as a repository of materials on every subject enables the development of exhibitions which present viewers with the resources to understand the connection among disciplines and become lifelong learners.

Exhibitions support the City Librarian's service goals by reinforcing the role of the Library as a preeminent educational resource. Resources for exhibitions may be drawn from cooperating organizations and individuals. Through the development of a variety of publications, interpretive materials, events and coordinated branch programs, the Library reaches out to diverse audiences within the city as well as providing materials for future research.

The City Librarian is authorized to issue rules and guidelines that are consistent with this policy and which further its implementation.