Rules for Municipal Use Page 3

Breach of Rules

Failure to comply with Library room rules and agreements set forth herein will result in the revocation of an organization’s meeting room privileges.


“The Library reserves the right to collect payment for costs incurred in the use of a meeting room,” (Sec. 4, paragraph 1, Library Meeting Room Policy).

  • The Library must be reimbursed for damages incurred.

Unauthorized Activity

  1. Allowing meetings to run later than the authorized time of room use specified on the application.
  2. Smoking in any public meeting place.
  3. Failing to remove, after use of the facility, any equipment, materials, utensils and other items belonging to the organization.
  4. Failing to clean up after the meeting and leave the room in the same condition as found.
  5. Serving refreshments (food or beverages) without prior approval, (to ensure proper cleanliness and health standards, the consumption of food or beverages in Library meeting rooms must be authorized within the application process).
  6. Using material, equipment or supplies-other than paper and writing utensils-that have not been authorized within the application process.
  7. Using the meeting rooms without an adult/child supervision ratio of 1 adult per 20 children.
  8. Using open flames.
  9. Defacing or damaging the meeting room, its furniture or equipment in any way (e.g. posting or mounting materials on walls or doors without permission, painting or writing on any surface).
  10. Stealing Library property.
  11. Creating noise levels that are disruptive to Library services.
  12. Recruiting for a course or program for which a charge is to be made.
  13. Any activity in the meeting room that is deemed in violation of federal, state, city or county laws, codes or ordinances.
  14. Any other violations of the rules or policies of the Library.