A collection of album covers: Abbey Road, Jolene, Purple Rain, Reputation, Lemonade, Pet Sounds, Sour, What's Going On

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位於總圖書館一樓的 Louis R. Lurie 基金會視聽中心存放着總圖書舘流動多媒體資料。它主要包括藍光-影碟、DVD、CD光碟、有聲書、 語言學習資料。

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黑膠碟基地:一個新的 “旋轉” LP系列

圖書館隆重介紹最新的黑膠碟系列; increasing the collection by more than 50% and adding thousands of albums for your listening enjoyment. Thumb through the newly expanded collection at the Main, located in the Audio Visual Center on the 1st Floor. The Marina, Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Memorial and Park branches also are equipped with freshly minted racks of tracks. Visit the library to get your grooves to go!