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Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Caccialanza, Gisella
See: Christensen, Gisella Caccialanza

Cadigan, Katie (filmmaker)
See also Cadigan, John (artist VF)

Caesar, Lois Towles (Pianist) 1/10

Cage, Nicolas (Actor)

Cahill, Sarah (Pianist, critic and disc jockey)

Caliman, Hadley (Jazz saxophonist)

Call, Alex (Vocalist and composer)

Camajani, Giovanni (Conductor) 1/10

Camper Van Beethoven (Musical group)

Canin, Stuart (Violinist)
City (December 12-26 1973): 26-27

Cardwell, Montford (Organist) 5/24

Carol, Faye (Jazz vocalist)

Caroliner Rainbow (Musica Group)

Carpenter, John (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures, List of individual filmmakers (vf)

Carroll, Baikida (Trumpeter)

Carter, James (Violist)

Carvajal, Carlos (Dancer/Choreographer) 1/11

Casquelourd, Malonga (Dancer, drummer)

Castillo, Javier (Composer)

Castleton, Xandra (Filmmaker)

Casuals, The (Musical group)

Catania, Anthony
See: Music Electronic (vf)

Cattolica, Vince (Jazz clarinetist)

Cavanaugh, Mary Beth (Choreographer)

Cavanaugh, Megan (Actress)

Cespedes, Bobi (Afro-Cuban vocalist and bandleader)
x Cespedes, Gladys "Bobi"

Cespedes, Gladys "Bobi"
See: Cespedes, Bobi

Chambers, Marilyn (Model, actress)

Channing, Carol (Musical comedy vocalist)

Chapman, Tracy (Musician)

Charlatans (Musical group)

Charlip, Remy (Dancer) 3/16

Chasnoff, Debra (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Chavez, Carlos (Composer, conductor and pianist)

Chen, Joan (Actress and filmmaker)

Cherry, Don (Jazz cornetist and bandleader)

Chesse, Ralph (Puppeteer, actor)
See also: Artists File

Cho, Margaret (Comedian)

Choice, Kev (Musician)

Chowning, John (Composer)
REF 731.55 G795s: 142-147

Christensen, Gisella Caccialanza (Ballerina)
x Caccialanza, Gisella

Christ, Peaches
See Grannell, Joshua

Christensen, Harold ;Christensen, Lew; Christensen, William (Dancers)
Harold Christensen was a teacher and founder of the San Francisco Ballet School.
Lew Christensen was a choreographer and Director of the San Francisco Ballet from 1951 to 1984.
William Christensen founded the San Francisco Ballet and was Director of the S.F. Ballet until 1951.
See also: S.F. Ballet (vf)
See also: Ballet News (May 1984): 10 Capezio Award Ballet News (Jan 1985): 10+ biog of Lew

Christenson, Amy (Video games designer)

Chrysanthemum Ragtime Band (Musical group)

Chursin, Peter (Dancer)

Cipolla, Rudy (Mandolinist)

Cipollina, John (Musician)

Cisneros, Evelyn (ballerina, ballet teacher)

Claire, Ina (Actress)

Clarinet Thing
See: Custer, Beth

Clay, Burial
See: Western Addition Cultural Center (vf)

Clay, Francis (Drummer)

Cleghorn, James (Composer)

Clement, Ada (Pianist and educator)
Biography Index, v. 3:Sept. 1952-Aug. 1955.

Clemmons, Katharine (Katherine Clemmons Gould)(Actress)

Cleve, George (Conductor)

Clipd Beaks (Musical Group) 1/11

Clover (Musical group)
See also: Huey Lewis and the News

Club Foot Orchestra (Musical group)

Club Nouveau (Musical group)
x King, Jay
See also: Foster, Denzil

Coakley, Tom (Band Leader)

Coates, George (Experimental theater director)
xx Dresher, Paul

Coates, Odia (Soul vocalist )

Cobb, Donald (Composer) 4/13

Coben, Cy (Songwriter)

Cockettes (Theatrical group)

Cody, Commander (Pianist and rock vocalist; Real name: George Frayne)
x Frayne, George

Cogan, Dmitri (Pianist)

Cohen, Moshe (Clown)

Cohen, Tim
see Fresh and Only's in the M/PA VF

Cohen, Nell (Filmmaker)

Cold Blood (Musical group)
x Pense, Lydia

Collins, Al (Jazz disc jockey)

Collins, Ray (Clarinetist)

Columbo, Russ (1908-1934)(Popular vocalist, bandleader)
Desk REF 780.3 K621c, v.2, #356
REF 792.5 L195L: 34
San Francisco History Room REF 791.405 B78
Broadcast Weekly (Nov 28 1931): 6

Comets on Fire (Music group)

Commanday, Robert Paul (Critic)
x Artists' File
x Music Reference
x Dance Critics (vf)
x Music Critics (vf)

Conceit (Rapper) 2/16

Condon, Nadine (Musician)

Coney, Donald John
No folder in Art & Music Center
California College of Arts & Crafts Bulletin, v. LXV, no. I, September 1971
Lecturer in TV / B.A., University of California, Berkeley. Awards: National Television Award for best cultural program of 1969. National Educational Television and Peabody awards for National Election coverage. Producer or experimental television project, Dilexi Foundation.

Connell, Jane (Actress)

Conner, Bruce (Filmmaker)
See: Artists' vf
For film rental/descriptions see Canyon Cinema Catalog REF 16.7925 C169 + Suppl. Room Ref. v.5

Consolidated (Musical group)
x Until December

Contractions, The (Musical group)

Conrad, Dorol (Elvis impersonator)

Cook, David "Davey D" (Radio Broadcaster)

Coogler, Ryan (Filmmaker) 4/14

Cooke, India (Violinist)

Cooling, Joyce (Jazz guitarist, vocalist, composer)

Copeland, Brian (Actor) 1/10

Coppola, August (Performing arts educator)
See also: Purple Globe Awards (vf)

Coppola, Carmine (d. Apr 26 1991)(Composer)
xx Coppola, Francis Ford

Coppola, Eleanor (Costume, stage and graphic designer)

Coppola, Francis Ford (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
City magazine (June 1974): 30-41
Videography (Sep 1982): 33-35
x Shire, Talia (Coppola)
See also: Zoetrope (vf)
See also: Coppola, Carmine

Coppola, Sofia (Filmmaker)

Cordoni, John (Bandleader)

Corbitt, Wayne (Performance Artist, Poet, Playwright)

Coro Hispano (Musical group)

Cory, George (Composer of I Left My Heart in San Francisco)
See: San Francisco Songs (vf)

Counting Crows (Musical group)

Country Joe and the Fish
See: McDonald, Country Joe

Country Porn (Musical group)

The Coup (Rap Music Group)

Cowell, Henry (Composer)

Cox, Cindy (Composer)

Coyote, Peter (real name: Peter Cohon) (Actor)
See also: Films in Review (Jan 1984): 38+

Crabtree, Lotta (Actress)
REF 782.7 ZC67m: 99-110

Crabtree, Paul (Composer)

Creach, Papa John (Violinist)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (Musical group)
See also: Fogerty, John

Crime (Musical group)

Crooks, Richard (Vocalist and radio host)

Crosby, Bing (Jazz and popular vocalist, actor)

Crosby, David
See: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Crosby, Katharine (Mrs. Bing Crosby)(Actress)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Musical group)
x Crosby, David
xx Nash, Graham
x Stills, Steven
x Young, Neil
REF 784.5 ZF281c: 22-49

Cross, Douglass (d. Jan 7 1975, in Petaluma) (Lyricist of I Left My Heart in San Francisco)
See: San Francisco Songs (vf)

Cruz, Celia (Queen of Salsa)
See: Puente, Tito (King of Salsa)

Cruz-Sandoval, Francisco (Vocalist)

Cultural Odyssey
See: Ackamoor, Idris

Cummings, Claudia (Vocalist)
See: Aranson, Jack
See: Musical Reviews (vf)

Cummings, Paul Laverne (Female impersonator)

The Cup (Musical group)

Curatilo, Gwen (Vocalist)

Curchack, Fred (Experimental theater artist)

Curran, Alvin (Composer and pianist)

Custer, Beth (Composer)