Musicians and Performing Artists File - E

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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E, Sheila
See: Escovedo, Pete & Sheila

Earth Quake (Musical group)

Eastman, Madeline (Jazz vocalist)

Eckert, Rinde (Vocalist, writer, director, actor)

Eddie and the Tide (Musical group)

Edlos (A cappella quartet)

Edmunds, John (Composer)

Edwards, Eddie (Snakepit)
See: Snakepit

Eichelbaum, Stanley (Critic)
x Artists' File
x Moving Picture Critics (vf)
x Theatre Critics (vf)

Eilenberg, Larry (Theater artistic director and educator)

Eisenberg, Philip (Opera prompter)

El Greco (Musical group)
x Greco, El

Elizondo, Hector (Actor)

Elkus, Albert Israel (1884-1962) (Educator, pianist, composer)

Elleris, Galla (Piano and voice teacher)

Elliott, Alison (Actress)

Ellis, Lisle (Bassist)

Elmo & Patsy (Musical group)
x Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Song Index)

Elross, Robert (Actor) 1922-2004

Elston, Arnold (Composer)

Elwood, Philip (Critic and educator)

En Vogue (Musical group)
See also: Foster, Denzil

Eng, Esther, 1914-1970 (Filmmaker)

Epps, Kevin (Filmmaker) 8/12

Epstein, Rob (Filmmaker)

Erase Errata (Musical group)

Erickson, Bill (Jazz pianist)

Erickson, Kaaren Herr (Vocalist)

Erickson, Robert (Composer)

Escovedo, Pete & Sheila (Percussionists and bandleaders)
xx Azteca
x E, Sheila

Esmerelda (Vocalist)

Eszterhas, Joe (Writer)

Euphoria Jazz Band (Musical group)

Evans, Ethel
See: Opera Piccola (vf)