Musicians and Performing Artists File - P

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Pablo Cruise (Musical group)

Padilla, Julie (Playwright, actress)

Paiment, Nicole (Conductor) 3/16

Palmer, Jon Phillip (Playwright)

Pang, Chloe (Pianist)

Pansy Division (Musical group)

Parasol, Rykarda (Musician) 2/11

Parenti, Noel (Mime)

Paris (Rapper)
x Jackson, Oscar

Partch, Harry (Composer)
REF 731.55 G795s: 88-91
REF 780.2 ZZ65d: 347-372
S.F. Chronicle (Feb 10 1932): 9 Brief review of "Monophony" performance by A. Fried.

Pashley, Newton (Organist, choirmaster)

Pasqualetti, John (Choreographer)
xx Pacific Ballet (vf)
Dancemagazine (September 1976): 38-46

Passive Aggressives (Musical Group)

Pastiche (A cappella quartet)

Paterson, William (Stage actor)

Patten, Dr. Bebe Harrison (Radio broadcaster)

Patton Jr., John (Opera singer)

Paul, David (Record producer, mobile DJ, artist representative)

Pavement (Musical group)

Payton, James (Musician)

Pearl Harbor and The Explosions (Musical group)
x Gates, Pearl E.
x Harbour, Pearl
REF 784.5 ZN42: 59
REF 784.5 ZB173n: 46

Pearson, Carol Lynn (Playwright) 3/10

Pebbles (Vocalist)
x McKissick, Perri

Pelton, Stephen (Dancer/Choreographer)

Penn, Sean (Actor, director)

Pense, Lydia
See: Cold Blood

Perrier, Denise (Jazz vocalist)

Persinger, Rolf (Violist)

Peter Bilt (Musical group)
x Bilt, Peter

Petersen, Donna (Vocalist, teacher)
Voice teacher at Mills College

Peterson, Wayne (Composer, pianist, teacher)

Petric, Faith (Folksinger)
See also: San Francisco Folk Music Club (vf)

Petrik, John (Musician)

Pfaff, Rose (Composer-artist)

Philadelphia, Billy (Pianist)

Pierce, Charles (Actor)

Pierszalowski, Van (Musician)

Pine Box Boys (Musical Group) 2/15

Pinska, Klarna (Choreographer)
See: Xoregos Dance Company (vf)
Dance (vf)

Pippin, Donald (Musician, director, conductor)
xx Old Spaghetti Factory (vf)
xx Pocket Opera

Pisoni, Larry (Clown)
Previous to 1989 see Pickle Family Circus

Pisoni, Lorenzo (Actor) 4/14

Pitt, Leonard (Mime)

Plank, Al (Jazz pianist)

Pleshakov, Vladimir (Pianist)

Plummer, Scotty (Banjoist)

Pointer Sisters (Pop, rhythm and blues vocalists)

Poligono, Linda (Pianist)

Polkacide (Musical group)

Polland, Anne Marie (Film costumer)

Polland, Pamela (Jazz vocalist, composer)

Pollard, Lisa (Jazz saxophonist)

Pontzious, Richard (Critic)

Portillo, Lourdes (Filmmaker)

Portman, Frank

Post, Alexander Commins (Organist, teacher)

Powell, Emmit (Vocalist, promoter, disc jockey)

Pride & Joy (Musical group)

Priester, Julian (Jazz trombonist, bandleader)

Primus (Musical group)

Pritchard, Sir John (Music director, conductor)

Pritchard, Mike (Comedian)

Prophet, Chuck (Singer/songwriter)

Psychefunkapus (Musical group)

Puente, Tito (King of Salsa)
x Cruz, Celia (Queen of Salsa)

Puerling, Gene
See: Hi Lo's

Purvis, Richard (Organist, composer, teacher)

See: Ackamoor, Idris