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Nachman, Gerald (Critic)

Nadel, David (Dance club owner)

Naftalin, Mark (Blues pianist)
See also: Quicksilver Messenger Service (Musical group)

Nagano, Kent (Conductor)

Nagle, Ron
See: Art (vf)

Nakamatsu, Jon (Pianist)

Nakamura, Dan (Disc jockey)

Nalbandian, Albert (Actor)

Nalley, Kim (Jazz vocalist)

Narell, Andy (Jazz steel pan player, composer, bandleader)

Nash, Graham (Rock vocalist, composer)
See also: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Musical group)

Naylor, Jacqui (Cabaret vocalist)

Near, Holly (Feminist vocalist, actress, writer)

Nelson, Gunvor (Filmmaker)
No folder in Art & Music Center
S.F. Art Institute Bulletin 1972-1973
Faculty Biographies: Filmmaking. BA, Humboldt State College; MFA, Mills College. One-man shows: S.F. Museum of Art; Berlin Film Academy; Stockholmsterrassen Exhibited; Moderna Museum, Stockholm, Whitney Museum, N.Y.

Nelson, Robert (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Nelson, Tracy (Actress)

Nervous Breakdowns (Musical group)

Neuberg, Amy (Singer) 1/10

Nevada, Emma (Vocalist)

New Deal Rhythm Band (Musical group)

New Riders of the Purple Sage (Musical group)

New Up, The (Musical Group) 4/13

Newland-Ulloa, Juanita (Vocalist)
x Ulloa, Juanita

Newsom, Joanna (songwriter/vocalist)

Newton, Dwight (Critic)
x Television Broadcasting Critics (vf)

Nicholas, Glover & Wray (Vocalists)

Les Nickelettes (Satirical musical comedy group)

Night Ranger (Musical group)
See also: Guitar Player (Dec 1984): 72-80

Nijinsky, Vaslav & Irina (Dancers; Irina Nijinska was also a ballet teacher.)

Nilsson, Rob (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
See also: American Cinematographer (Jun 1984): 83+
See also: Fourth Ace Productions

Nin-Culmell, Joaquin (Composer)

Nixon, Roger (Composer)

No Doubt (Musical group)

Nobunny (Musician) 1/10

NOFX (Musical group) 1/10

Norris, Bobbe (Jazz vocalist)
x Dunlap, Larry

Novello, Don (Actor, comedian)
x Sarducci, Father Guido

Nuclear Valdez (Musical group)

Nuns, The (Musical group)

Nyireghazi, Ervin (Pianist)
Stereo Review (Jan 1978): 104
Stereo Review (Jul 1978): 58-63
Clavier (Jan 1979): 32-34