Musicians and Performing Artists File - G

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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G-Easy (Rapper)

Galbraith, William (Conductor)

Gallagher, Chris (Songwriter)

Gamble, Kito (Jazz pianist, bandleader)

Garcia, Jerry (Guitarist, vocalist)
See also: Grateful Dead (Musical group)

Gardner, Thomas Kahn (Producing director in theater)

Garson, Mort (Composer)

Garthwaite, Terry (Vocalist, bandleader)
See also: Joy of Cooking (Musical group)

Gatchalian, Ray ( Documentary filmmaker)

Gates, Pearl E.
See: Pearl Harbor and the Explosions

Gato, Il (Musical Group) 4/13

Gavin, Bill (Newsletter publisher, radio host)

Gebo, Paul (Community theater producer)

Geduldig, Lisa (Comedian)

Gemignani, Paul (Musical director)

Gendreau, Michael (Experimental music performer)

Genss, Herman (Pianist, Composer, Teacher)

Getty, Gordon (Composer)
Current Biography (February 1985)

Getz, Stan (Jazz tenor saxophonist)

Gifford, Dan (Screenwriter)

Gigz, Roach (Rapper) 4/13

Gingold, Norbert (Composer)
xx San Francisco Children's Opera (vf)

Girls (Musical group) 1/10

Giteck, Janice (Composer)
x Music Reference (Bay Area Consortium of Contemporary Music)
xx Music Reference (Music West)
xx Music West (vf)

Gleason, Ralph J. (Critic)
x Music Reference
See also: REF 784.5 ZSa73t: 197-209 Rolling Stone (Jul 17, 1975): 38-49

Gleeson, Patrick (Keyboardist)

Glickman, Hortense (Theater patron)

Glover, Danny (Actor)
Wife's name: Asake Bomani; owner of an art gallery: Bomani Gallery, 251 Post Street, San Francisco, Phone 296-8677 (5/97)

Goapele (Vocalist)

Gockley, David (S. F. Opera Director)

Gogin, Michael (Composer, instrumentalist, vocalist)

Gold, Julius (Musicologist, educator)

Goldberg, Laurette (Founder of MusicSources and the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra)
See also: MusicSources (vf)
See also: Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra (vf)

Goldberg, Whoopi (Actress, comedian)
xx Blake Street Hawkeyes (vf)

Goldsmith, Rick (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Gomez, Marga (Comedian)

Gomez-Pena, Guillermo (Performance artist)

Gonzalez, Heriberto (Tito) (Musician)

Gonzalez, Ramona (Musician)

Good, Edwin M. (Ted) (Pianist)

Goode, Joe (Choreographer)
See also: Joe Goode Performance Group

Goodman, Dean (Actor, director, producer, critic)

Gore, Joe (Guitarist)

Gould, Katharine Clemmons
See: Clemmons, Katharine

Gowans, Lorraine (Opera Singer)

Gowen, Lloyd (Flutist)

Graham, Bill (Music promoter)
xx SNACK (vf)
xx Music-Rock (vf)
xx U.S. Festival (vf)
See also: Bill Graham Enterprises (vf) as of 2/14/92
See also: Shoreline Amphitheater (vf) REF 784.5 ZF247r: 24-28

Graham, Larry
See: Graham Central Station (Musical group)

Graham, Lou Ann & Ross
See: San Francisco Attic Theatre (vf)

Graham Central Station (Musical group)
x Graham, Larry

Grannell, Joshua (Filmmaker)
x Peaches Christ

Grantham, Jim (Jazz tenor saxophonist)

Grass Widow (Musical Group) 4/14

Grateful Dead (Musical group)
xx Garcia, Jerry (Guitarist, vocalist)
xx Hart, Mickey (Drummer)
xx Lesh, Phil (Bassist)
xx Weir, Bob
xx Music-Rock (vf)
BAM Magazine (Nov 3 1978): 28 ff
New West (Dec 17 1979): 56-76

Gravenites, Nick (Blues guitarist, vocalist, composer, record producer)

Graves Brothers Deluxe (Musical group)

Gravy, Wavy
See: Wavy Gravy

Grayson Street (Musical group)

Greco, El (Musical group)
See: El Greco

Green, Benny (Jazz pianist)

Green, Sam (Filmmaker) 2/11

Green Day (Musical group)

Greenberg, Robert (Music professor, critic)

Greer, Jim (Composer, instrumentalist)

Greg Kihn Band
See: Kihn, Greg

Gregory, Cynthia (Ballerina)

Griffin, Andrew (Drummer)

Grimes, Bob (Music collector)

Grisman, David (Mandolinist, arranger, record producer)

Growden, Mark (Singer/Songwriter) 4/13

Grushkin, Paul
See: Bay Area Music Archives (vf)

Guaraldi, Vince (Jazz pianist and composer)

Guard, David (Kingston Trio)
See: Kingston Trio

Guerrero, Tommy (singer/songwriter) 1/10

Guillory, Ida
See: Queen Ida & Her Bon Temps Zydeco Band

Guittard, Lawrence (Horace Guittard, Jr.) (Actor, vocalist)

Gun & Doll Show (Musical group)

Gupta, Shilpi (documentary filmmaker)

Gupton, Eric (Actor, voiceover performer)