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Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Taboloff, Gregory (Pianist)

Taj Mahal
See: Mahal, Taj

Takazaukas, Albert (Theatrical Director)

Talen, Bill (Monologist)

Talkington, Marilee (Actor) 2/11

Tan, Michael (Pianist)

Taylor, Finn (filmmaker)

Tazmanian Devils (Musical group)

Teagarden, Norma (Jazz pianist)

Tea Leaf Green (Musical group)

Temple, Shirley (Actress)
x Black, Shirley Temple

Tenbrook, David (Vocalist)

Teng, Vienna (Vocalist, composer)

Terry, Keith (Body musician)

Tetrazzini, Luisa (Vocalist)

Thee Oh Sees (Musical group) 1/10

Thebom, Blanche (Vocalist)

Theis, Adam (Musician) 1/10

Thinking Fellers Local 282 (Musical group)

Third Eye Blind (Musical group)

Thomas, Irma (Rhythm & blues vocalist)

Thomas, Jess (Vocalist)

Thomas, Pat (Music producer)

Thomas, Michael Tilson (Conductor)
xx San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (vf)

Thompson, Ron (Blues guitarist)

Thomson, David (Critic)

Thornburgh, Elaine (Harpsichordist)

Thornton, Bianca (Rock vocalist)
a k a Bianca Thornton-Oden

Thoth, S.K. (Performance artist)

Thow, John (Composer, Music educator)

Thriving Ivory (Musical Group)

Los Tigres del Norte (Musical group)

Tillery, Linda (Rhythm & blues vocalist)

Timex Social Club (Musical group)
xx Foster, Denzil

Tin Hat Trio (Musical group)

Tippett, Phil (Special Effects Creator) 4/14

Tircuit, Heuwell (Critic)
x Music Reference
x Dance Critics (vf)
x Music Critics (vf)

Tjader, Cal (Jazz vibraharpist)

Toad The Mime
x Attell, Antoinette

Tojetti, Emilia Musto
See: Tojetti, Eduardo (Artists' File)

Tolleson, Walt (Musician, bandleader, composer)

Tomasson, Helgi (Choreographer, artistic director)

Tong, Winston (Musician, puppeteer, performance artist)
See also: Tuxedomoon

Tony! Toni! Tone! (Musical group)
xx Foster, Denzil

Too $hort (Rapper)
Real name: Shaw, Todd

Toons (Musical group)

Torriglia, Tom (Accordionist)

Tower of Power (Musical group)

Toy, Noel
See: Young, Noel Toy

Tracy, Goldie & Ben (Impressionist; pianist)

Tracy, Jill (Musician) 4/14

Train (Musical group)

Translator (Musical group)

Tree, Christopher (Percussionist)

Triclops (Musical group)

Trinh, Minh-ha (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Trobbe, Al
See: Palace Symphonette (vf)

Trobbe, Cy
See: Palace Symphonette (vf)

Troyer, Carlos (Composer, musician)

Truck Boiz (Musical Group)

Trull, Teresa (Vocalist)

The Tubes (Musical group)

Tuck and Patti (Jazz guitarist; vocalist)

Tuck Andress; Patti Cathcart

Tucker, Luther (Blues guitarist)

Tucker, Marilyn (Critic)

Turner, "Duke" (Charles)(Bandleader, drummer)

Turner, Godfrey (Composer)

Turtle Island String Quartet (Musical group)
xx Anger, Darol
xx Balakrishnan, David

Tuxedomoon (Musical group)
xx Tong, Winston
REF f784.5 ZC8325n: 171

Two Gallants (Musical Group)

Real name: Shakur, Tupac Amaru
See: Digital Underground (Musical group)