Musicians and Performing Artists File - L

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Lacey, Bob (Comedy Writer)

Lady Bianca (Vocalist, pianist)

Ladzepko, C. K. (Drummer)

LaFlamme, David (Rock violinist)

Laitala, Kerry (Filmmaker) 1/10

Lakis, Jason (Musician)

Land, Johnny (Musician/Educator)

Lande, Art (Jazz pianist)
x Rubisa Patrol

Landis, Robert (Music teacher)

Langtry, Lillie (Actress)

Large, Storm (Singer) 4/13

Lashley, Barbara (Jazz vocalist)

Lask, George E (Director, Impresario) 4/14

Lasseter, John (Motion picture director)

Lathrop, Welland (Dancer)

Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter) (Folk guitarist, vocalist)

Ledisi (Vocalist)

Lee, Dan (Animator)

Leila and the Snakes (Musical group)
xx Dornacker, Jane

Lengyel, Cornel (Poet, musician, editor)

Leopold and His Fiction (Musical Group) 4/13

Leplin, Emanuel (Composer)
x Art vf

Leschke, Hans (Choral conductor)

Lesh, Phil (Bassist)
See also: Grateful Dead (Musical group)

Lessick (Musical group)

Levin, Frank (Composer)

Lewis, Don (Keyboardist, vocalist)

Lewis, Henry (Conductor)

Lewis, Huey
See: Huey Lewis & the News

Liderman, Jorge (Composer)

Lieberson, Lorraine Hunt (Opera singer)

The Lies (Musical group)

Lifschey, Marc (Oboist)

Light, Allie (Filmmaker)
See also: Saraf, Irving
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Lilienthal, Tom (Music teacher)

Limeliters (Musical group)
x Yarborough, Glenn

Ling, Jahja (Conductor)

Lipscomb, Mance (Vocalist, guitarist)

Lipskin, Mike (Jazz pianist)

Lipton, Lenny (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

See: Martin, Mel

Little, Jack (Bandleader)

Little Charlie and The Nightcats (Musical group)

Lloyd, Don (Filmmaker)
No folder in Art and Music Center
S.F. Art Institute Bulletin 1972-1973
Faculty Biographies: Filmmaking. Studied SFAI 1969. Produced two 16mm films on an Idaho State University Research Grant. Received two awards from the 1970 Foothill Festival. Work in progress from 1970 & 1971: "Lighthouse" Parts II, IV & V; "The Advertixing Film"; "Nude in a Cube," "Waffles" and "The Day of the Weed."

Lloyds, The (Musical group)

Lockwood, Sharon (Actress)

Lomask, Jodi (Dancer/Choreographer) 3/16

London, La Toya (Singer) 1/10

London, Larry (Composer)

Looters (Musical group)

Lopez, Eliana (Actress)

Loquant (Musical Group) 3/16

Lowe, Jim (Jazz pianist)

Lucas, George (Filmmaker)
x Industrial Light and Magic (vf)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Lucas, Marcia (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Lucas, Ronn (Ventriloquist)

Luce (Musical group)

Lumerians (Musical Group) 3/16

Luna, Cruz (Dancer)

Lustgarten, Karen (Dancer, journalist)

Luther, Martin (Soul vocalist, composer, producer)
Real name: Martin Luther McCoy

Lyon, Margaret (Music professor)

Lyrics Born (Rapper)