Rules for Municipal Use Page 2

Availability of Facilities

  • Facilities are generally available during open hours. Permission will be granted for use of certain facilities during closed hours only if the requesting organization is willing to cover the costs of a staff member and/or a janitor on the premises. Permission will also be dependent on the availability of staff.
  • Main Library meeting rooms are available for municipal use from 8:00 a.m. to one half hour before the Library closes. The meeting rooms are not available for such use after regular public service hours (see ‘File Application’, pg. 6, for Main Library public service hours).

Frequency of Use

  • Reservations are limited to a maximum of three separate dates within a six (6) month period for a program/workshop series.
  • At the conclusion of a second municipal program/event in a series, the Library will accept an application for another series of three dates. In no case will the Library have pending reservations for more than four events in a series.
  • Reservations for a series must be made by the primary sponsoring agency. Multiple source applications for a series of workshops will not be accepted.


A 78 hour Public Notice of groups meeting at the Library requires events shall be cancelled no later than end of business day, Thursday, the week prior to the event date. In this way, others may be able to use the space and assigned support staff may re-schedule time accordingly.

Event Representative

The application must state the responsible party for the program (on the application form under ‘primary contact person’). This person must receive training (orientation) in the use and care of the Library and meeting rooms, be present to open room, greet attendees, and be available to resolve problems that may arise (see ‘Application, Scheduling, Posting’ pg.2, guideline # 8).

Sale of Merchandise

  • No outside group or organization using a Library meeting room shall: 1) charge an admission fee or solicit donations, 2) sell or promote any material or service for private profit or gain, 3) engage in fund raising activities, (excepting those groups who have contracted with the Library to do so in support of Library programs and activities).
  • Groups may collect dues and/or coffee money from members when such activity is: 1) pre-approved by the Library and 2) published as an agenda item.