Programs of Bay Area Dance, Music and Theater Performances

The Art, Music and Recreation Center offers a selective collection of programs of Bay Area dance, music and theater performances by both local and visiting individuals and companies, dating from 1910 to the present. Programs can be requested at the Art, Music and Recreation Center and must be used in the Library.

Additional programs of dance, music and musical theater performances (1850-1956) might be found in the Center's music scrapbooks.

For reviews of performances, search the Library's databases and ask a librarian about the Center's vertical files and music scrapbooks.

Other resources for performance programs include the San Francisco History Center, which collects local theater programs and maintains files on local individual performers, and the Museum of Performance & Design, which collects performance programs.

Donations of Bay Area performance programs are welcomed. To offer such materials for possible inclusion in the collection, please contact the Art, Music and Recreation Center at (415) 557-4525.