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Visitacion Valley Study Room

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201 Leland Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94134
United States

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Sun 1 - 5
Mon 10 - 6
Tue 10 - 8
Wed 10 - 8
Thu 10 - 8
Fri 1 - 6
Sat 10 - 6

Private, glass-enclosed study room is available on a first-come, first-served basis; reservations are not accepted. The study room is adjancent to the Community Room. You can sign in for an available study room at the Information Check Out.

The room is intended primarily for one-hour study sessions for a broad number of library users, and is not intended for multi-hour use. If an arriving user requests a room and your party has been in a study room for an hour or more, you may be asked to release the room. If you would like another session, your party is free to book for the next available session.

All session times are according to the Library’s clock.

Other things to know about the study room:

  • Study room is designed to hold four people. Maximum allowed occupancy is four people.

  • If you leave the room during your session, please:

    • Close the door behind you. Do not prop the door open.

    • Take all valuables with you. The Library and its staff are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of any personal items left unattended.

    • Advise the Check Out staff. An empty room may be considered available and may be reassigned, unless you let us know that you’re going to return.

    • Be aware that the clock is not paused for any absences or breaks taken during your session.

    • Check back in at the Information Check Out Desk to re-enter the study room

    • Be aware that any unattended items left in a room beyond the one hour session may be removed and held by Library staff.

  • Please advise the Check Out staff when finished with your session.